UCD Seal

The UC Davis school seal sample project was used an an entry level machining project for undergraduate students who showed great interest in manufacturing technologies through associated course work. The student was responsible for modeling of the sample, toolpath creation using Esprit CAM, stock material and tooling setup, and execution of the NC data on a high speed 3-axis machining center.

Machining Data:

Machine: Sodick MC430L
Work material: T6061 Aluminum
Number of operations: 7
Roughing tools: D6 flat end mill

D2 flat end mill

Finishing tools: R0.5 ball end mill
Typical finishing depth of cut (Ad): 0.1 mm
Typical finishing stepover (Rd): 0.03 mm
Roughing cycle time: 25 min
Semi-finishing cycle time: 40 min
Finishing cycle time: 90 min