1:32 Scale F1 Wheel

The 1:32 scale F1 wheel project was used to train new undergraduate intern students on the fundamental of freeform shape machining. High speed machining centers were used in conjunction with Esprit in order to develop simple Z-level roughing toolpaths and then more complex spiral finishing toolpaths to achieve good surface quality.

Machine Tool: Mori Seiki NVD1500 and Sodick MC430L

Work Material: T6061 Aluminum

Machining Data:

Roughing Semi-Finishing Finishing
Cycle Time 5 min 9 min 31 min
Tool Size/Type D6xR.5 bull nose end mill D2 flat end mill R1 ball end mill
Depth of Cut (Ad) 0.7mm 0.2mm 0.15mm
Stepover (Rd) 3.6 mm 0.4mm 0.04mm
Spindle Speed 15,000 rpm 18,000 rpm 24,000 rpm
Feedrate 1270 mm/min 2000 mm/min 2000 mm/min