Freeform Mold Shape

The freeform mold shape sample demonstrates the ability of electron beam machines (EBM) to efficiently improve the surface quality of EDMed surfaces without applying manual polishing processes. This is especially useful for delicate and intricate mold shapes where manual polishing is very time consuming and requires experienced machinists’ expertise. As a bi-product of the EBM process, the surface is also strengthened and exhibits improved corrosion resistance.

Machining Data:

Machine: Sodick PF00A EBM
Work material: 420 Stainless Steel (STAVAX)
Surface roughness:

(EDM only)

7 um Rz
Surface roughness:


3 um Rz
Solenoid voltage: 1.8 kV
Anode voltage: 4.0 kV
Cathode voltage: 24.0 kV
Total cycle time: 8 min