The single blade project allows the IMS Lab’s students to work hand-in-hand with industrial leaders in developing and optimizing the latest in 5-axis toolpath generation CAM functionality based on an integrated mill/turn machining center platform. By examining the detailed toolpath generation options, machine tool dynamics, and cutting conditions, the exact cause of machining deficiencies can be identified and improved.

Machine Tool: Mori Seiki NT4250

Work Material: T6061 Aluminum

Machining Data:

Roughing Semi-Finishing Finishing
Cycle Time 15 min 7 min 76 min
Tool Size/Type D32xR3 insert mill D20xR.8 insert mill D10xR1 bull nose end mill

R6 ball end mill

Depth of Cut (Ad) 3 mm 0.5 mm 0.4 mm
Stepover (Rd) 19.2 mm 6 mm 0.4 mm

0.6 mm, 0.24 mm

Spindle Speed 9,500 rpm 9,500 rpm 12,000 rpm

9,020 rpm

Feedrate 3800 mm/min 3800 mm/min 3800 mm/min

2000 mm/min