Theoretical Study on the Dynamic Performance of the Spindle System Driven by Induction and Brushless DC Motor

Researcher:  Zhigang WangZhigangWang_b.bmp

Start date:     May 2009

End date:      June 2010

Keyword:      Spindle, Dimulation,

                     Heavy duty milling, Dynamics


The aim of this study is to clarify why the synchronous motor equipped spindle has more preferable characteristics than the induction motor equipped spindle for high performance cutting.


In order to achieve the higher torque spindle system for productive milling operation, the rotation stability against the torque disturbance has been studied with respect to the spindle mechanical design parameters, actuator types and spindle control algorithms. The study showed the remarkable difference in the spindle rotation stability against the torque disturbance between the spindle system equipped with an induction servo motor and a permanent magnet synchronous servo motor. The results of the study have been obtained by theoretical analysis, numerical simulation and physical experiments and the experimental study showed that the synchronous motor direct drive spindle gives longer tool life.


  1. Z.G. Wang, M. Soshi, K. Yamazaki, A comparative study on the spindle system equipped with synchronous and induction servo motors for heavy duty milling with highly stable torque control, CIRP annals, 2010


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