The Design Study of Automatic On-machine Vision System for Tool Modeling and Tool Wear Inspection

Researcher: Wai-Ming Tsang, Xi ZhangWai-MingTsang.bmp

Start date:   July 2007

End date:    July 2010

Keyword:    Machine Vision,

                  Model Reconstruction,

                  Automated Inspection


To study the design process of a machine vision system that can build model of the tool and inspect the tool damages.


In order to ensure the quality and safety of CNC machining, tool modeling and tool wear detection are necessary. However, such tasks are tedious and time consuming to perform. To improve efficiency, an automated vision system is designed to assist the machine tool operator with these processes. Previously, the unique vision system setup for tool wear detection and the algorithm for extracting the wear profile are designed. Now, experimental study is performed to verify the result of the concept. Further more, the conceptual design of the tool positioning system will be carried out.


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