A Study on Development of FPGA Based Academic Mechatronics Controller using Microcontroller as IP Core

Researchers:HectorGamero.bmp Hector Gamero 

Start date:  January 2008

End date:   March 2010

Keyword:   Microcontroller, IP Core, FPGA, Microprocessor, Mechatronics system


Study the fundamental methodologies for design and implementation of a mechatronics control system based on FPGA device application for the ASCENTi- CNC project. Launch a pilot project of ASCENTi-CNC aimed towards a mechatronics controller training system with FPGA technology.


Since January of 2008, the JM-552 SBC has been studied and modeled in VHDL to target a Spartan-3 FPGA. The process of acquiring a matching 8052 processor (soft) and verifying the newly developed system within the FPGA has been completed, and a prototype of the new system has been developed called the Mechatronic On-chip Reconfigurable Programmable Habitual (MORPH) microcontroller board. With the arrival of the MORPH board prototype version 1, several hardware and software tests can be performed to verify the overall functionality of the target design goal. The FPGA configuration software, VHDL, has been implemented on the target FPGA and has shown to be successful on all implemented modules. There are, however, some improvements to be made to enhance the performance of the IP Core Microcontroller. The FPGA embedded microcontroller core has been interfaced with all available on board peripherals with success. The second version of the MORPH board system is underway which will enhance communication processes as well as some on board peripherals.


Next Generation Mechatronics Education courseware for Mechanical Engineering Students
Hector Gamero and Kazuo Yamazaki
Engineering Education Journal, Elsevier Mechatronic Journal, IEEE Transactions of Industrial Electronics.
*Pending Publication


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