Study on Development and Implementation of FPGA based Mechatronics Control System for Education and Training


Researchers:Héctor Gamero 

Start date:November 2009

End date:February 2010

Keyword:Mechatronics Control, Education, FPGA, Courseware, Microprocessor, IP Core


Launch a platform aimed towards a mechatronics control education and training system with FPGA technology.


Mechatronics system is Multi-object integration system which includes EE,CS and ME technology, mechatronics education usually should cover these contents in one course, so it is necessary to provide a Hands-on courseware for mechatronics control education, but currently there are many problems in commercial courseware for mechatronics control education. Therefore, a courseware named IMS-MORPH using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology for mechatronics control education and training is presented. In this courseware, a microprocessor is adopted as IPCore in FPGA and PC-Based software and embedded software are developed for assisting to teach mechatroncs concepts. This courseware can be used for students from mechanical engineering and materials engineering as well as engineers and academic researchers.


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