Artistic Machining Initiatives of the IMS Laboratory

Researcher: Paisith BoonsomPeterBoonsom.bmp

Start date:   January 2010

End date:    March 2010

Keyword:    Artistic Machining,

                  Multi-Axis Machining,

                  High-SpeedMachining, EDM,

                  CAD, CAM, Process Planning


To teach lab members the basics of operating the various machine tools in the IMS Laboratory such as CNC mills, wire EDM, and die-sinker EDM. By utilizing computer based software, lab members will learn to generate solid model designs using CAD and then import their part into a CAM system to create tool paths for CNC machining. In addition, an undergraduate program will be created to involve students with machine tool technology. Further work will include machining advanced multi-axis parts for training/learning purposes.


The IMS laboratory members are knowledgeable on developing new technology on machine tools, but they do not yet fully understand the capabilities of the machines and how it relates to the manufacturing industry. A quarterly training program will be implemented during Winter Quarter 2010 to have them become more familiar with CNC machine tool operation. The development of a mixed research/hand-on environment will improve their understanding of machine tool development and how it relates to the industry.

Aside from the training initiatives, the Assistant Development Engineers at the IMS Laboratory will be working on advanced machining methods, utilizing multi-axis machinery, non-conventional machine tools, and precision nano machines. The goal is to create workpieces that can demonstrate the full capabilities of the machine tools, as well as providing helpful insights to the industry. By creating these parts, new machining methods and technologies can be discovered.


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