IMS-Integrated 3D Accuracy Measurement System

Researcher: Weidong ZhuWeidongZhu2.bmp

Start date:    October 2008

End date:     May 2010

Keyword:     CNC Machine Tool,

                    Accuracy Measurement,

                    Hologram Scale,Volumetric Error


Develop an accurate and easy-to-use 3D volumetric accuracy measurement system.


Technology for the measurement of machine tool errors has become crucial to the success of modern manufacturing industry. This research aims to develop an innovative system for 3D accuracy measurement of CNC machine tools. The nanometer-level resolution and high accuracy of the system are achieved by using hologram scales and state of the art laserscale interpolators. 3D accuracy measurement is achieved by synthesizing machine tool component errors, which are extracted from repetitively measured data using statistical analysis.


  1. A Nanometer-level Machine Tool Accuracy Measurement System Based on Hologram Scale
    *in process
  2. Machine tool component error extraction and error compensation by incorporating statistical analysis
    *in process
  3. Development of a nanometer resolution measurement system using 2d laser holographic grid scales.


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